Queen Size Mattibag


Carry, drag and store your mattress without getting it dirty.

This durable tarp mattress bag comes with zips and handles to make it easy to put on and carry. It's designed to take the scuffs and scrapes so your mattress doesn't have to.

This Mattibag is made for standard Queen Size mattresses up to 32cm thick, with a little extra room on each side to make fitting easier.



• Tough 145gsm tarp construction

• Big No. 10 Zip around three sides

• Strong Nylon carry handles

• Size stitched into every handle

• Water and drag resistant



• 155 x 205 x 32 cm

• 61" x 81" x 13"

Not sure about sizing? Measure your mattress to make sure it will fit, especially if you're buying from outside Australia.

Fits these international sizes:

Australian, NZ, USA & Canada: Queen Size
UK: King Size


Worldwide shipping

We offer Standard and Express shipping via Australia Post, with separate rates for Australia, NZ, and the rest of the world. Shipping is calculated after you enter your address and you'll see the total price before you checkout. See our Shipping page for more details.

Standard Shipping rates within Australia:

•  1 x Mattibag: $10.50
•  + $2.70 per additional bag
•  Shipping capped at $24 (equivalent to 6+ Mattibags)


Customer Reviews

Based on 250 reviews
Very Practical and Sturdy Mattress Covers

Very pleased with the Mattibags - very sturdy material, handles on the side very useful, zipper appears strong and works well. Getting the Mattibag on the mattress was easier than I expected. Would highly recommend.

Emily M.

Very Happy! and absolutely worth it.

Great Quality

The quality was better than I anticipated. Made moving my big heavy queen mattress a breeze! Would definitely recommend!!

Nikita F.
Such a genius idea!

I moved recently and was using a big plastic bag for my mattress during the move. The plastic was tearing and it was so hard to lift because the plastic made it slippery - this bag is so good!!! It has handles, the tarp feels great and the zips feel strong :) I get to store my mattress in the shed feeling good that the matti bag will protect it! Great purchase!

Jocie C.
Great Product - Perfect for what I was looking for.

Bought these to cover the mattresses in our Camper Van when it's packed up. They're perfect and great quality.