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Very Practical and Sturdy Mattress Covers

Very pleased with the Mattibags - very sturdy material, handles on the side very useful, zipper appears strong and works well. Getting the Mattibag on the mattress was easier than I expected. Would highly recommend.

Every Bit as good as the ad!

Excellent quality, easy to use, and I love the handles. Very pleased we spent a little more money and bought these bags. Thank you!

Perfect 100%

I’d been searching for a while for the ultimate storage solution, I was very happy to find Mattibag.
Great sturdy quality, perfect size, just what I needed. Thanks Mattibag!

Good quality and fitted perfectly the King Single mattress. The sturdy handles make moving so much easier. Highly recommend.

Best Mattress Bags Ever!!!

This is the second time I have purchased Mattibags and I am never disappointed.
These are the strongest and best quality mattress protection bags on the market!!


Very Happy! and absolutely worth it.

King Single Mattibag

Great Quality

The quality was better than I anticipated. Made moving my big heavy queen mattress a breeze! Would definitely recommend!!

Queen Extra Deep Mattibag

Excellent product.

Fantastic Time Saver

Save yourself time, effort, and sanity. Get one of these bags for each of the mattresses in your home and keep them around. We’ve moved twice now and they were so worth the money. Easy to use - one person was able to apply to the mattress by themselves. Amazing to move - those hand holds are lifesavers when the King mattress is trying to throw itself off the Ute! Waterproof for the win - moved in unexpected pouring rain with not a problem!


Great bags at a good price and the customer service is exceptional

Such a genius idea!

I moved recently and was using a big plastic bag for my mattress during the move. The plastic was tearing and it was so hard to lift because the plastic made it slippery - this bag is so good!!! It has handles, the tarp feels great and the zips feel strong :) I get to store my mattress in the shed feeling good that the matti bag will protect it! Great purchase!

Great Product - Perfect for what I was looking for.

Bought these to cover the mattresses in our Camper Van when it's packed up. They're perfect and great quality.

Zip broken

Used once great. But the second time the zip broke.

Wonderful Product

I purchased this for my daughter, what a great product.So easy to carry, transport and storage

Super useful

Really well through out and engineered kit, really easy to use and feels super sturdy - great idea, well executed.

Great service great product

Strong and easy to use

Handles in all the right places! Easy to carry and strong and durable

Great solution to moving Bed Mattress+Bases

Not one to write comments often but these Mattibags are a Godsend 😇

Recently transported 2 Kind Single Beds + Bases & was moving one of the beds solo, without the handy grab handles and strong material would have definitely been stuck. We used 2 bags - 1 for the mattress and another bag for the matching bed base.
Using an old rug & Mattibag - was even able to drag a bed base up a mid-sized flight of stairs.

Shipping was great and the bags are perfect, have moved houses a few times, beds are a drama, very confident that the bag also prevented a few injuries along the way and makes life easy. Great for storage too.

Super happy with these. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great fit and very strong and sturdy

Queen Size Mattibag
Philip M.F.
Very Useful

The Mattibag is a really good investment - we bought the Queen size but it works fine on a Double mattress we've also got.


Easy to pick move and store !
Thank you

Garry’s bag purchase

Good service

Great produxt

Great product and excellent quality

Great product!

By far the best option for protecting my mattresses, durable and a buy that will last a long time.