Here are answers to our most common questions. We update this page regularly, but if you can't find what you're looking for please get in touch.

Is Mattibag waterproof
No, not completely. Our bags are water resistant, but not waterproof. We use waterproof tarp, however the seams and zip are not weather sealed and are not waterproof.

Why don't you make Mattibag waterproof?
If we sealed the seams and zip we'd create an almost airtight bag, which isn't great for mattresses that have been used. Mattresses absorb a lot of moisture through general use, and in an airtight bag this can lead to mould or mildew forming. We don't want that, so we've left the seams and zip as normal to allow a small amount of air to ventilate the bag.

Will my mattress get wet in the rain?
Not usually. If it's just for a short time, for example if you're carrying it from a house or flat, down a driveway to a van parked on the side of the road your mattress should be completely fine. The only reports we've had of mattresses getting wet are on very long road trips, for example from Canberra to Perth, where the mattress is in an open trailer or on roof racks. It takes a lot of strong, driving rain to get through the seams.

What do I do if I'm going on a long trip with my mattress in a trailer or on roof racks?
For long open-air trips we recommend first fitting a cheap waterproof mattress cover as a barrier against moisture, taping that tightly, then putting that inside the Mattibag. The Mattibag will make the mattress easy to move, and take the brunt of any strong weather. The lightweight bag will stop any water that gets through. We're in the process of sourcing our own lightweight bags, we're just trying to find a responsible way to do it.

Does Mattibag stop bugs and spiders?
Yes it does. Our seams use tight, close stitches to create an excellent seal against creepy crawlies

How strong are the handles?
Very strong. There are three large contact areas for each handle, providing a lot of stitching surface area, and they're stitched through a double thickness of tarp.

Are the handles strong enough for Latex or memory foam mattresses?
Yes, we've had great feedback from customers moving extra heavy matresses.

How draggable is it?
We've tested it by dragging it with a nomal inner-spring mattress over different surfaces, including concrete driveways, footpaths and asphalt carparks. While we did see some wear, we didn't see it wearing through even after 100m. The idea is not that it should be be dragged all the time -- it's just tarp after all, and will wear through eventually. But it means if you need to move your mattress on your own, you can. It just provides options for moving.

Can Mattibag hold an ensemble base?
Yes, provided it fits the dimensions listed in the product description. We don't recommend dragging the bag with an ensemble base inside, as the squarer edge of those bases places a concentrated load on certain points leading them to wear faster. You could drag it a bit.

Can I get a custom colour for my business?
Not for small quantities, but for orders in excess of 4,000 bags we should be able to work something out. Our manufacturer would have to buy the tarp on order, and their supplier would have a minimum order quantity, which is why we'd need a minimum order quantity.

Can I get a custom bag made to size?
Not at this stage. Again, if buying in quantity we may be able to arrange something. The lead time on this would be around 3 months.

Can you add some more handles?
We could add a hundred handles, but each handle adds cost, and the vast majority of our feedback is that the handles are in the right place. We sometimes get suggestions for adding extra handles here or there, but we've placed them to match the way most people move mattresses, which is with a person at either end holding the mattress upright. Our handles each have two loops, providing two different places to grip -- one high and one low. We've found it's really useful for moving down stairs or lifting into trucks.